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A New Meaning to Something Borrowed

Whether you’re a bride trying to make your dream wedding a reality, or a dutiful friend along for the ride, everyone knows wedding planning can be stressful, not to mention pricey.

How many bridesmaid dresses are collecting dust in your closet? The answer is probably a few—and no, you’re not alone. Think about the money you could have saved (or spent on something practical, like cocktails) if you hadn’t had to buy all those dresses you’ll never wear again. Imagine being able to get the look you want for your bridal party, without putting them through the same thing. We’ve totally been there—that’s why Little Borrowed Dress came to be.

LBD is the chic and sustainable solution to your bridal party fashion woes. Our dresses are intuitively designed to fit and flatter all body shapes, and made with lots of love right here in NYC. The best part? You can rent them for a fraction of the retail price and they don’t have to take up closet space.

We’ll toast to that!


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