Reminder: All orders must be placed three months before the wedding date to guarantee availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my rental period ends on a Sunday or holiday?
Just drop your return envelope at any UPS Ground drop-box or location and it will be postmarked the following day. We will consider that return on time.
Should each bridesmaid submit a separate order or is it best for the party to submit the order together?
We recommend that each bridesmaid place their order individually, unless all your bridesmaids live in the same city – in that case, you can place your order together to save on shipping. We just ask that each bridesmaid try their dress on as soon as possible so we have time to correct any issues that might come up.
How do I buy from Little Borrowed Dress?
1. Find your favorite LBD style

2. Place your order at least three months before the wedding

3. Alter your dress as needed, wear it, then add it to your closet
How do I cancel my order?
Email us at to let us know as soon as you can. Cancellations made more than 60 days in advance for rentals will receive a full refund. Cancellations made less than 60 days in advance for rentals may be subject to fees, as outlined in your rental agreement.
How long is the rental period?
Your rental period start 2 weeks prior to the wedding date you gave us when placing your order, and ends the next business day following the wedding. For example, if the wedding is on a Saturday, your dress will arrive two weeks before the wedding and must be postmarked for return on the Monday after the wedding.
When should I make my reservation?
You’ll need to order your LBDs at least three months before the wedding date. That way if the dress you want is reserved, we can increase our inventory to fulfill your order. If the wedding is less than three months away, give us a shout to see if the dresses you want are available.
How do I rent from Little Borrowed Dress?
1. Find your favorite LBD style

2. Place your order at least three months before the wedding

3. Rock the dress, then send it back to us in its pre-paid envelope
Can each of my bridesmaids rent a different style and/or color of dress?
Absolutely. We love the mix and match trend and had this in mind when designing our collection. The LBD color palette allows you to select different shades of the same color (e.g. – our three greens work together) and our fabrics all complement each other. Your girls will also thank you for letting them wear the style that fits them the best.
How can a single dress look good on both my petite, skinny-mini best friend and my tall, athletic cousin?
There are three main measurements that typically determine whether a dress will fit: hips, waist and bust. The challenge occurs when each measurement spans different sizes on the size chart (e.g. – you’ve measured a size 4 waist, but a size 8 bust). As LBD depends on the dress fitting without alterations, we’ve put a tremendous amount of work into solving this problem.

All our dresses feature an A-line skirt or empire waist to flatter even the curviest of girls. We’ve also added built-in adjustment points (think strategically-placed elastic) to give flexibility around the bust and waist. (Imagine if everything you wore was this accommodating!)
How do I ensure that the dress fits?
We use multiple fit models with varied body types to ensure our dresses will fit everyone without the need for alterations. We also include a free backup size with every rental and guarantee you’ll receive both a full two weeks before the wedding – so if neither fits, we have time to make it right.
Can I try the dress on in person before I rent or buy?
Yes ma’am. And we’d love to meet you. Make an appointment to visit our NYC showroom.
How does the free backup size work?
When you enter in your order we ask you to select a second size so we can send you a backup dress with your rental free of charge. Just cut the tag off the dress that fits you best and leave the other as-is. The day after the wedding, place both dresses in the pre-paid packaging and return. Please remember – any order returned with both tags removed will be charged for an additional rental.

If you decide to wear the backup dress of another bridesmaid in your party, just let us know so that we can make a note of it. You’ll only be charged if your party wears more dresses than paid for.
What happens if neither dress fits?
Depending on availability, we’ll quickly send you a third size at a flat fee of $25. We can only send the size/style/color you need if we have it in our inventory at the time, so make sure to measure yourself prior to placing your initial order and call us as soon as you realize neither dress fits.
Why rent a bridesmaid dress rather than buy?
Between the dress, alterations, shoes, parties and gifts, the average bridesmaid spends around $1k or more per wedding. We know it’s hard to ask your girls to spend that kind of money, especially if they’re in multiple weddings that year. Renting from LBD allows your bridal party to look gorgeous on your big day without going broke.
How do I know my dress is clean?
Every LBD gets professionally dry cleaned between each rental. Once dresses return to our warehouse from our cleaning partner, we inspect each and every one to ensure it’s as good as new and ready to wear. If for any reason it’s not, we don’t ship it.
What doesn’t insurance cover?
Significant destruction like major rips, cigarette burns or theft. We expect this situation to be extremely rare, but if it happens, your credit card will be charged for the full retail price of the dress.
So, what’s a trunk show? When/where can I attend one?
Trunk shows are events held in different locations across the U.S. where we give you the opportunity to see and try on the entire LBD collection. We’ll have a dress in each style and size so you can see how it fits without using the bulky binder clips or extenders used in bridal boutiques that only stock styles in one sample size.

Click here to see our trunk show schedule, and sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on all upcoming LBD events.
This is my wedding, how do I know my bridesmaids will receive the right dresses on time?
We know full well that weddings don’t leave room for error, and we want you to breathe easy. That’s why your bridesmaids’ dresses will arrive on time, every time. No exceptions. No mistakes. It’s our pledge to you! In the unlikely event there’s an issue with your order, call us immediately and we will make it right before your big day.
What if I accidentally stain or damage a rented dress?
We won’t fault you for minor spills or minimal wear-and-tear. We know what it’s like to wear one dress through 12 hours of posing for pictures and partying on the dance floor. For these types of situations, our dresses are covered by a $5 insurance fee included in your rental price.
What if someone in our bridal party wants to keep her dress?
Well, first we’d applaud her for having great taste. Then we’d tell her we offer all of our dresses new for sale. Similar to a rental, purchase orders must be placed at least three months prior to the wedding date.
What if I misplace or lose my return shipping envelope?
We provide each customer a prepaid return shipping label, which should be affixed to the outside of the return package. If you misplace it, it’s your responsibility to send the order back to us by the due date at your own expense.
What happens if I return my order late?
It’s important that dresses are returned on time so we can fulfill other orders. That’s why we have to charge late returns a fee of $20 per dress for every day it’s late.
How much does shipping cost?
Standard shipping costs vary by order size, but we won’t charge extra for shipping your free backup size. Cost as follows:

• 1-2 dresses: $12.95 • 3 dresses: $13.95 • 4 dresses: $14.95 • 5 dresses: $15.95 • 6 dresses: $16.95 • 7 dresses: $17.95 • 8 dresses: $18.95 • 9 dresses: $19.95 • 10 dresses: $20.95

We ship everything via UPS, but reserve the right to change shipping partners at any time and without notice. For any additional questions regarding our shipping and delivery policy please get in touch.
I’m in a destination wedding. Can my package be delivered to a hotel or location other than my home?
If you'd like your order to be sent to a destination outside of the continental U.S. - please contact us and we'll do our very best to accommodate your request. Please note that shipping rates will vary depending on the destination and our standard shipping rates will not apply. It is advisable to contact the hotel first to ensure they will be able to accept and hold your delivery before placing your order with us.
How do I return my order?
No need to clean or iron the dress – we’ll handle the dirty work. Just place the dresses in their pre-paid packaging, stick the pre-addressed shipping sticker on the outside, and drop the box off at any UPS Ground location. Visit to find a location near you.
Do you deliver outside the continental United States?
Unfortunately, at this time we don't ship outside of the U.S. and orders must be returned to us from within the country. Need your dress for a fabulous International destination wedding? Call us and we can discuss extending the rental period so you can bring it with you and return it when you get home.
What’s your shipping and delivery policy?
For dress rentals: You’ll receive your dress 2 weeks prior to the wedding date specified in your order. For dress purchases: Once your order has been placed and confirmed with our manufacturer, we’ll send you an email with your estimated shipping date. We’ll email you again when your dress ships, and you’ll receive it within 12-14 weeks from the day you purchased it.
What is Little Borrowed Dress?
Little Borrowed Dress is an online wedding boutique that offers bridesmaid dresses for sale or rent, giving brides the choice of a designer-quality dress that all their bridesmaids can afford. Every dress is available in a variety of colors and designed with built-in adjustment points to flatter all figures. Little Borrowed Dress also supports the Garment District by manufacturing everything locally in New York City.
My question isn’t answered here. Where can I get an answer?
Feel free to email us at